Using Vega Console

What is Vega Console and how do I access it?

Vega Console is a stand-alone web-based client for trading and operating markets on Vega. It is available as a web interface, can be self-hosted, or run in the cloud. The latest version of Vega Console for Fairground can be accessed by visiting

Release notes are published for each version.

What are Local Wallet and Vega Hosted Wallet?

Vega offers two wallet options for Fairground, the Vega testnet: Vega Wallet and Hosted Wallet.

Vega Wallet

Vega Wallet is a self-hosted wallet, meaning you download and install the app, set it up, and create keys and login details. All the information is stored on your computer and can only be accessed by you (or anyone else who has access to your computer). To use Vega Console with a Local Wallet, you will need to run Vega Console through the wallet app.

Instructions for how to create a wallet. [Opens different website.]

Vega Hosted Wallet

Vega Hosted Wallet is a wallet hosted by Vega, and will only be available for Fairground. It’s quicker and easier to create a Vega Hosted Wallet, and you do not need to download or run any software. You can use it to login on Vega Console’s web interface.

Read more about wallets.

How can I connect to my Vega Wallet on Vega Console?

If you don’t have a Vega Wallet you can download one from the repository. Once you have your wallet running you can launch Console via the wallet (instructions).

If you are using the Vega hosted wallet (testnet only) you can enter the Testnet wallet URL ( and enter your credentials.

Note: Your positions and collateral, and any markets or assets created by governance, will be reset every time the network is reset. The network is expected to stay up for at least 14 days at a time, but it’s possible that we’ll need to release new code more frequently than that.

If you’re looking for reference API documentation, you can find it in the Using Vega’s APIs section along with links to sample code and how-to guides.