Open REST API Reference docs


What is the Vega Node REST API and when should I use it?

REST has become the standard for internet connected applications over the past decade and is well understood by many developers. It is quite simple to consume and messages are relatively easy to read or debug.

Vega has a set of REST APIs that map directly onto equivalent gRPC API service methods. As streaming is not supported by HTTP/1.1 we recommend looking to using GraphQL or gRPC for streaming support.

If you are not yet familiar with gRPC or GraphQL clients, are looking to try out Vega, or don’t need streaming then REST can be a good fit.

Do you have any code examples for REST?

See the Getting started how-to guide for how to perform your first request in Shell or Python.

Alternatively, there are a selection of code examples on the repo on GitHub. You can also run code samples directly against the Vega testnet using Gitpod.